1. Campaign Contributions: The state and federal legislatures’ powers to impose limits on the amount of campaign contributions shall not be diminished by any interpretation of the First Amendment. 

2. Clean Elections: I am prepared to assist anyone implementing legislation to overturn the Citizen's United and McCutcheon decisions which effectively granted special interest groups unlimited power to monetarily control elections. 

3. Clean Congress: I support prohibiting members of Congress from soliciting and receiving contributions from any lobbyist, industry or entity they regulate. All fundraising during Congressional working hours shall be prohibited. 

4. Public Financing of Campaigns: I support the the American Anti-corruption Act to make sure all elections are financed without any interference from anonymous corporate spending, bribes or intimidation from private contributors. 

5. Disclosure of hidden money behind misleading political advertising: The California DISCLOSE Act, Senate Bill 52 would be a good start in getting the money out of politics because it requires the 3 top funders of political ads to disclose who is really paying for political ads on the ads themselves. SB52 should be passed because whatever happens in California will likely happen in the nation within 5 yeas. And whatever happens in District 33, the most influential district in the nation, will likely happen in California. District 33 is where change begins. 

6. Elections Reform: The business of America's federal elections, dominated by Supreme Court Justices who are appointed by a monetarily corrupted system is in need of bold reform. The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision on April 2, 2014 in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission striking down overall limits on campaign contributions that the largest individual donors donors may make to candidates, political parties and political action committees may serve to restore some monetary clout to the Citizens United overshadowed Republican and Democratic national committees. But it will only foster further government corruption and waste as unlimited campaign contributions are anonymously funneled by compromised public officials. I will support anyone working to halt this hideous trend. 

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