The Vince Flaherty Story

Vince Flaherty was raised in federal District 33, the wealthiest and most strategic area in the nation. It is the gateway for the world’s fourth busiest harbor, one of the largest airports, as well as fine universities, thriving businesses, refineries, and military and government sponsored information contractors, and all of it inside a state that happens to have the highest poverty rate. the worst environment for businesses, the worst traffic, the highest taxes, the highest incarceration rate, one of the highest unemployment rates, and the worst economy out of all 50 states for consumer demand, production and job creation. 

During World War Two President Roosevelt appointed Vince's father as a war correspondent with the assignment of living with each of the commanding generals in their theaters of combat. Eisenhower and his generals became personal friends. Among other friends in the nation's capital, he was also a friend and speech writer to presidents who allowed young Vince the opportunity to travel along with his father on the campaign trail.

Vince was so inspired, that he wanted to become a public servant. But not having the money that enabled rich politicians to avoid the undue influence and compromises that others are forced to make, he pursued other vocations with the intent that maybe one day, if he made enough money, the political machine would let him into the game, where he could do some good.  

But like many whose dreams and fortunes were reversed with the Kennedy coup d'etat, his father died broke, and more than once Vince became educated in how to live on the streets with no friend in the establishment to assist him.

Meanwhile, he took political science courses and followed public policy developments. He has been a Council Member of the Pacific Palisades Community Council. He was credited with helping save a 16-acre wooded area, known as The Ocean Woods, from a tract of 23 homes. He served with the Palm Springs Police Department. He is a historian of California and United States history who lectures in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and a past president and lifetime director of the Pacific Palisades Historical Society. In that capacity he assisted with efforts that led the State of California to abandon plans for several large parking lots in Los Liones Canyon. Instead, he helped the community implement a program of planting indigenous trees, and restoration of the canyon's riparian stream bed. He is known for his community activism and newspaper articles, and as an advocate for restoration and preservation of the California coastline. He is a political journalist, and has written for years under the bi-line of the Los Angeles Bipartisan Political Examiner.

He worked as an intern to Congressman Charles Wilson (R) and as an aide to former Governor Pat Brown (D). In 1984, he was a candidate for California State Senate. In 1994, he was an advisor to California Treasurer Kathleen Brown during her campaign for governor. In recent years, he contributed his efforts to the elections of Republican, Democratic and Independent candidates.

He has produced motion pictures, and in between designed and built several homes. And he has done most of it right here in our district. Now he is requesting your vote so he can fulfill the obligation to be a citizen legislator, and get started working toward fulfilling his promises of reform.

Before you delegate our district's representation to the federal government, to those career politicians who are going to represent the interests of the federal government to you instead of the other way around, please examine Vince’s solutions. 


Sometimes one has to go forward, regardless. 

So. With just a short time left before the primary election set for June 3, 2014, the Secretary of State confirmed me as a certified candidate for Congress in California's District 33. But even though my name was alphabetically at the top of the list of candidates, it made no difference to the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, the West L.A. Democratic Club, the Point Dume Club, the Los Angeles Times, KTLA, KABC, and CNN TV and other political clubs and local television outlets, who had all somehow decided the 4 or 5 candidates they thought could win, and had excluded me from scheduled debates, or any mention of my message in the media.

Now I'm not saying it hurt a guy's feelings when the Palisadian Post devoted a front page article to Mat Miller the former Council of Foreign Relations economic advisor to President Clinton when it was that economic team who thought it was alright to allow the Glass-Steagal Acts to be dismantled and thereby opened the doors and ushered in the collapse of the secondary mortgage market, the Great Recession, the collapse of the global economy, the collapse of the dollar, more proxy wars, and a return through austerity measures toward the dark ages of education.

Heck, I can take it 

I'm not going to get out of shape even though the Post article, which made no mention of Matt Miller's previous CFR agenda ran their article and a nice picture of him on page one, depicting him mostly as a genial local radio host, which I suppose he is, and influencing a lot of Palisadians to commit to him. 

It didn't even bother me when after repeatedly pitching the Post to include equal coverage of my own campaign, they finally ran their article on page three, only four days before this June 3rd election. It didn't bother me much because it's usually always just that hard to pierce through the corporate veil, and I'm kinda surprised and grateful I got any part of my message in print in the first place. 

And I'm not even sayin' it hurts a guy's feelings if you haven't the slightest idea about the silent prejudice I'm talking about, or if you are thinking the whole thing sounds like a conspiracy theory because the financial enterprise cannon was fired over the heads of the press when a good number of erstwhile journalists who started to report about what was really going on behind the crash of 2008 and the Great Recession found themselves without jobs. 

Heck, I can take it. 

I can even take it when the Los Angeles Times comes out and says that the Democratic Party's favorite senator, for whom this election has been fixed, was the best at the Brentwood News candidate forum, and then endorses Matt Miller, and then doesn't even mention my name... while that kind of thing shouldn't even happen to an underdog. 

But what I'm having a pretty hard time getting over is that any one of the top four candidates might as well be one and the same person when it comes their track records of caving and selling us down the river on the most fundamental issues pertaining to the military industrial complex, several other multinational corporate and foreign interests, and the wishes of the international financial trading enterprise we still think of as banks... 

Oh, they'll write bills, such as the Homeowner Protection Act, like the preordained Democratic Congressman to be did, and then campaign in this race about taking on the banks and special interests, when all you have to do is read that bill and then see that what it actually did was exempt all the banks from complying with it. The intentional compromising of the California Homeowner Protection Act caused a lot of suffering in California and to folks you probably know right here in this district. 

It's just too bad that this kind of silent genocide is allowed to flourish in the world state of California, and that the money controlled political machines and the top democratic candidates are all backed by the same Clinton/Obama operatives out of Washington D.C.; and that's not to say that the Clinton/Obama operatives are all bad, or are always wrong, which they are not. But for Pete's sake how foolish is it to accommodate the cover-up and perpetuation of the foreign interest, multinational corporation and international trading enterprise crimes that are bringing about the financial enslavement and ruin of America? 

It could make a guy start to think that the proverbial fix is in, and that America is going to continue making its way down crumbling democracy's rabbit hole of multinational corporatism. 

And there's more. But I'll spare you, because my own handlers are convincing me not to appear is if my goal is to "attack" my main competitors. They say I'll appear desperate if I continue to point out what has gone wrong with Democracy in this election, as if I don't have any good points of my own. But I do. Over the years I've identified 434 things that sorely need to be reformed or improved. 

But then my handlers..., they tell me to just forget about all those things, and pick only a half dozen issues because, unfortunately, the people, they say, just aren't smart enough to understand what's going on. 

Well, I happen to think there are a lot of people out there, waiting on tables and driving trucks who are just as smart as the so-called 1 percent of big people. It's just that luck maybe hasn't hit them right just yet. 

I also think that I can do a better job than my preordained competitors in this race at getting the business of government functioning properly, because they are all ultimately going to be ignoring the unspoken issues. 

So listen. I'm not "attacking" the other candidates, or anybody else. I just wanted to let you know what is going on, in the spirit of journalism, and I thought you might have wanted to hear it. 

The remainder of this information is from the 2014 campaign that began 5/11/2014 and ended 6/3/2014.

Vince Flaherty as Billy BloodDistrict 33 is my home town. I grew up here. I've built successful businesses in the motion picture and real estate industry. I know what makes the district tick. I have the ability to draw upon the best people to make District 33 into the best place to live and work.

I promise to do what it takes to properly allocate and efficiently convey water resources, implement effective traffic solutions, overturn the Citizens United decision, work to restore the California Attorney General's right to defend consumers from banks, enact a more genuine homeowner protection act, and work for election reform, legislative reform, judicial reform, bank reform, drug policy reform, genuine tort reform, more affordable health care, clean water, and green energy, 

I am a determined environmentalist committed to using green energy to phase out dependence on nuclear energy and oil, yet I have viable plans, real plans not slogans, to do so without sacrificing the growth of jobs or profits. I am aware that Montana and North Dakota contain eight times more oil than Saudi Arabia, but that certain oil interests are assisting groups to oppose drilling, but not fracking, for American oil. 

I promise to work for Publicly Funded Elections, and in the alternative, for laws to stop political bribes and intimidation from well funded private contributors. I believe we can stop dark money in campaigns without undermining the access of corporations to government, and that such action is now necessary to keep the spark of Democracy alive.

I am firmly in favor of restructuring the monopoly banks and their enormous holding companies in the financial trading enterprise into manageable parts that will not place short-sighted gains ahead of our country's economic stability. I pledge to get the business of government functioning properly, keep the California budget balanced, eliminate the debt and restore the economy by lowering taxes without cutting education or damaging transportation and trade. There is no other candidate in this race with a genuine plan to do that.

Yet many mistakenly place their trust in the same old tunnel-vision; international financial-trading-enterprise; military-industrial-congressional-complex; foreign and international interest influenced career politicians, or independents with scant practical know-how to keep other legislators who are compromised on the most fundamental of issues from further selling America down the river.

You have to live in District 33 to vote for me. But you don't have to live here to contribute or assist us now in sending a message to Washington D.C.'s internationally controlled machine. We need to continue forming our coalition of Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, Libertarians, Independents, the Tea Party, yes Democrats the Tea Party, Capitalists, Communists, Christians and Muslims, and every other courageous person who is capable of working with us together, and who wish to make this powerful district, California and the USA a safer and freer place for all of us.

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Vince Flaherty, is a Candidate for Congress in CA District 33.