Call these concepts what you will, Adverse Climate Change, Environmental Destruction, or simply Man's Inhumanity to Man. Trivialize it by calling the movement against Global Warming a Hollywood scam, promoted by Al Gore and other so-called Illuminati, to usher in a New World Order. Point out there are truly thousands of crooks, oligarchs and corrupt bureaucrats out there geared up to syphon off taxpayer funds designated for green technologies. But whatever labels and facts proving corruption or corporate monoply that you may choose to attach to the issue... an Opinion, or a simple Hoax designed to line the pockets of the elite, it is not. There is a much broader definition, and it is a definition that goes beyond the warming of the California climate, to the roots of the poisoning and destruction of the entire planet. 

No amount of bogus media hype, or corporacratic propaganda, should capture our minds and make us lose sight of the fact that man's burning of fossil fuels, the production of radioactive by-products from nuclear fission, and the chemical proliferation of coal particulate and oil based plastic derivatives all around us, in our air, and in our foods, poisons the planet in numerous ways. And for those of us who keep warning about a forthcoming world of double-speak propaganda and mass enslavement, I'm sorry to report that the so-called New World Order has been around for a long long time. It is the worldwide corporate, military industrial and financial network that has been striving to preserve the status quo long before we were ever born. And that network isn't necessarily bad in and of itself. It just gets that way when corporate influence expands to the point that it becomes the shadow government of itself. 

As a matter of fact, rulers have sought to preserve the status quo ever since there were people. And those so-called cautionary novels, 1984 by George Orwell, and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley... They aren't something to watch out for in the future at all. The blatant outrages of complete and utter surveillance, drugging, brainwashing and steering of the people as described in those books has already happened, while today more heinous but less obvious crimes against nature and human beings are being perpetrated and enforced for monetary profit in even more ingenious, insidious and subtle ways. 

RFID Chippie

Meanwhile, the alteration and monopolization for profit of man's food supply, the cover ups of evils produced by dirty energy, the destruction for profit of the ecology and subsequent loss of habitat, the military industrial complex's need to wage never ending wars to sustain itself, and other self-perpetuating influences destroying and poisoning the eco-systems supporting life on planet Earth, have become a scientific reality. These evils affect our well-being and our potential for survival as a species. 


One of the superficial mainstream media arguments today is about the degree to which human activity is responsible for the enormous impacts of adverse environmental change, when compared to natural radiation, or natural sources of greenhouse gasses such as the carbon dioxide emissions from undersea volcanoes or livestock. Studies show our planet experienced many such changes over its known history. A related viewpoint holds that the concept of Adverse Climate Change is manufactured to focus and motivate divided nations together in a common cause, in order to benefit New World Order politicians and line the pockets of energy corporations. Do world leaders have the capacity to do such a thing? Yes. Is there an ever growing line of energy companies and alternative energy companies controlled by unethical people who will cheat consumers? Yes, we all know their names. You see them in their television commercials delivered within a format of acoustical guitar music, green trees, and smiling, healthy looking models. But their products and services will continue to become increasingly toxic for us until the corporatocracy is governed by reasonable laws that not only hold it accountable, but protect it. 

Meanwhile, debates about climate change shouldn't be allowed to obfuscate the central issue, for only one gas combustion engine running inside a garage not only heats up the garage, but can be lethal. Picture then millions of gas combustion engines burning carbon at the same time in a megalopolis such as Los Angeles, San Diego or Mexico City. Look at the impact that must have on the temperature, the abilities, and the dumbing down of the people who are trying to function every day within that carbon monoxide environment, let alone the impact upon the earth's atmosphere. Add the problems created by gasoline combustion engines, to those created by burning coal, and the production of poisonous by-products from nuclear reactors, and you have a prescription for the filthiest, most dreadful future scenario of a hellish life on Earth. 


The good news is that with the expansion of the global population, the demand, particularly in China, to fuel combustion engines, pave roads with asphalt, fabricate oil based plastics, and create other synthetic oil based products, is not going to be abated. in fact, it is going through the roof. There is no need to endanger the profitability of oil companies and their employees no matter how many us wish to coexist in our own homes and surroundings with alternative energies and products. With reasonable rules to govern undue lobbying and other more subtle influences over Congress, phasing out dirty energy is something that can be accomplished while growing clean energy and sustaining profitability for all concerned. 

Genetically modified organism [GMO] foods 

The risks of GMO foods do not appear to have been adequately identified and managed. Moreover the objectivity of federal regulators passing through the revolving doors between the FDA and the GMO manufacturers is questionable. 

The people of District 33, and all Americans are not a science experiment. All of us have a right to know what we are consuming, and the potential long-term impact on our health from food derived from GMOs. As your congressman I would examine the effects of stopping the manufacture and sale of genetically modified food in California until further studies can be performed. At a minimum I would advocate the straightforward labeling of all GMO foods immediately. 


Campbell’s - $250,000.00 Healthy Request Wolfgang Puck Soups Pace Foods Pepperidge Farms V-8 

Cargill, Inc - $202,229.36 Truvia Natural Sweetener Shady Brooks Farms Diamond Crystal Salt Liza Nature Fresh Peter’s Chocolate Wilbur Chocolate Honeysuckle White Rumba Meats Good Nature 

Coca Cola - $1,164,400.00 Vitamin Water Smart Water Dasani Nestea Minute Maid Honest Tea Odwalla Vitaminenergy 

Con-Agra - $1,076,700.00 Orville Redenbacher’s Organic Hunt’s Organic Lightlife Alexia Healthy Choice Hebrew National 

Dean Foods - $253,950.00 Horizon Silk White Wave 

General Mills - $908,200.00 Nature Valley Fiber One Cheerios Cascadian Farm Muir Glen Lärabar Gold Medal Organic Food Should Taste Good 

Heinz- $500,000.00 ABC Bagel Bites Complan Daddies Delimex Farex Greenseas HP Sauce Heinz Lea & Perrins Ore-Ida Smart Ones Tater Tots TGI Friday’s Wattie’s Weight Watchers Wylers 

Hain-Celestial Earth’s Best Spectrum Organics Garden of Eatin’ Casbah Rice Dream Soy Dream WestSoy TofuTown MaraNatha Mountain Sun Walnut Acres Fruiti di Bosco Health Valley Bearitos Bread Shop Celestial Seasonings 

Kellogg’s - $632,500.00 Kashi Muslix Nutrigrain Bear Naked Morningstar Farms Gardenburger Kraft - $551,148.25 Snapple ReaLemon Triscuit SnackWell’s South Beach Boca Back to Nature Nabisco 

Nestle - $1,169,400.00 Pure Life Pelligrino Perrier Poland Spring Gerber California Pizza Kitchen Tribe Mediterranean Sweet Leaf Tea 

PepsiCo - $2,249,661.61 Miss Vickie’s Sun Chips Aquafina SoBe Harvest Crunch Dole Ocean Spray Tropicana Miranda Tazo Quaker Naked Juice Mother’s 

Unilever - $467,000 Salada Knorr Ben & Jerry’s 

Presently, there are also GOOD LABELS to look for: 

7th Generation
Amy’s Kitchens
Apple and Eve
Blue Diamond
Bob’s Red Mill
Bossa Nova
Cal Organics
Choice Organic Teas
Clif Bar/ Nectar Fruit
Coombs Family Farmers
Cosorzio All Natural
Country Choice
Crystal Geyser Alpine Water
Doctor Kracker
Dr. McDougall’s
Dr. Praeger
Eat Raw
Echo Farms
Eddie’s Pasta
Eden Foods (The only company NOT using harmful plastic in the lining of their cans as bonding agent!)
Edward and Sons
Endangered Species Chocolate
Fantastic Foods
Giving Nature
Golden Temple
Go Naturally
Greenway Farms
Harvest Bay
Hawthorne Valley
Ian’s Natural Foods
Koyo Organics
Lesser Evil
Let’s Do…Organics
Living Harvest
Lundberg Family
Murray’s Chicken
Native Forest
Natural by Nature
Nature Factor
Nature’s Path
Newman’s Own Organic
Organic Prarie
Organic Valley
Pacific Naturals
Peace Cereal
Real Foods
Republic of Teas
Road’s End Organics
San J
Sensible Foods
Seven Star Farms
Tasty Bite Indian
Terra Nostra
Theo chocolates
Think Organic
Turtle Island Tofurky
Vermont Mystic Pie
Vita Spelt
Vivani Chocolate
Wizard’s Saucery
Woodstock Farms
XOXOXO chocolate
Yogi Tea
Zoe’s Granola


No matter what the level of human responsibility for adverse climate change or deadly radiological sources, when compared to other factors such as natural under-sea volcanoes or naturally occuring radiation, it still remains, aside from overriding economic concerns to phase out dirty energy without penalizing the world wide economic network, that we need to act responsibly and aggressively to phase out man-made poisons in our environment, particularly the toxic by-products of coal, oil and nuclear fission, in conjunction with a reasonable implementation of clean energy alternatives. 

The world's leading science journals report that atmospheric greenhouse gases have reached levels not seen for millions of years. Glaciers are melting ten times faster than previously thought, the Rio Grande no longer consistently makes it to the ocean, and species are vanishing as a result of climate change. In California, we are in the midst of a fifteen year drought that has become progressively worse in recent years. If this drought continues at its present pace for another ten years, Lake Mead will be dry, leaving 4,000,000 citizens of the greater San Diego megalopolis without water. Marine life is losing the struggle to survive as the oceans are awash with heavy metals like Mercury, and nuclear by-products such as Cesium and Strontium. It appears we are experiencing an ever increasing succession of extreme weather events, long-term droughts, and rising sea levels. Clearly, further catastrophic events and consequences will continue to occur if no action is taken. 

Several CEOs of coal, oil and nuclear corporations maintian that they have changed their minds from a year or two ago. Many say they now believe that global warming or the stockpiling of radioactive waste may be a threat. They say they are phasing their corporations to become green, or more safe. But actions speak louder than advertisments. Those same corporations are agressively building new plants. They have additional plants on the drawing board, and very little green alternatives by comparison. Meanwhile, the oil, coal and nuclear lobbies are allowed to continue showering money and favor upon regulators, legislators, and the public media. 

Further, several of the politicians and experts who raise doubts about adverse climate change, or promote the safety and benefits of nuclear power, appear to be doing so in bad faith. Some of them are merely misinformed, but their minds are all captured one way or another by the lumber companies who see nothing but profit when they look at our forests, or by the dirty energy companies who like to cut corners and don't want to change their ways. In fact, many of our loftiest politicians have repeatedly disregarded the appearance of propriety by appointing representatives from the oil, lumber, pharmaceutical, nuclear and financial trading corporations in charge of the federal regulatory agencies that were designed to protect the people and the environment from the greed of those very entities in the first place. The good news again is that big business has always guided the direction of, and been protected by, the the countries wherein it operates. It stands to reason that government exists to protect corporations.But a time is upon us where legislation is sorely needed so that the representatives of the United States Senate and Congress can make sure the government's protection of the corporate powers is shared and returned to the people. 


Sadly, disgracefully, for the sake of money, many of the bureaucrats and elected officials entrusted to protect us, have historically conspired with corporate lobbyists to keep America burning the filthiest, most poisonous, most expensive fuels on the planet. For the sake of money, they still conspire to cut down our forests, pollute our water and the air we breath. 

They repeatedly cover up the pollution and the injuries caused by the production of toxic chemicals like Thimerosal, or the radioactive by-products of nuclear fission. Even if the burning of fossil fuels and the production of radioactive waste had nothing to do with damaging the environment, which it grievously does, the creation of phthalates and synthetic estrogenic chemicals from the production of the vast array of fossil fuel based plastics, and the heavy metals produced by nuclear technoligies has been scientifically proven to be causing serious problems in the human reproductive cycle. 

It need not be cost prohibitive to produce oil based products responsibly and safely. 

Reasonably drafted legislation can pave the way. Conversely, the corporate funding of deceptive propaganda, and the ratification by elected officials and media executives of the repeated cover-up of ongoing damage to the planet and the people, is actionable under federal and state law. 

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