18.  Corporations like their executives will have to pay taxes just like other "people" or "citizens": Since the lobbyists of corporations convinced a few justices on the Supreme Court that they have the same rights as people or citizens when it comes to donating proportionately huge amounts of cash to their political puppets, they will henceforth have to pay their taxes too, just like the other "people" and "citizens"... 

26.  No bill or law materially different than its title: Congress shall pass no bill nor enact any law that is materially different in substance from its title. 

27.  No political advertising to materially deceive the public: There shall be no political commercials or advertisements which could materially mislead the public as to the effect of a vote for or against the proposition. 

40.  Enact new laws pertaining to Undue Influence, Corruption and Incompetence:  Aid the legislature and the federal and higher courts in the public interest by enacting laws that enable proper scrutiny of undue influence, corruption and incompetence among government, federal and state police services, attorneys and related entities.

41.  Promote laws that enable trial courts to be attentive to mortgage nominee, servicer or master servicer fraud, and the validity of instruments used to transfer or foreclose private property: It is vital to the future of the California economy that citizens who can afford homes be allowed to make affordable payments and retain homeownership. In the absence of the monopoly bank servicers modifying predatory payment shock loans, or curtailing their criminally influenced foreclosure and collection mills, and the legislature’s apparent lack of confidence in their ability to compel them do so, it is up to the legislature to guide the individual local courts, the trial courts, the courts of the people, to put a stop to the economic drain, and the destruction of families, on a case by case basis. I promise to encourage the legislature and the federal and higher courts to act further in the public interest by rendering laws that enable trial courts to be attentive to mortgage nominee, servicer or master servicer fraud, and the validity of instruments used to transfer or foreclose upon mortgages and private property. 

42.   Mandatory sentencing requirements: Reform mandatory sentencing requirements for certain non-violent crimes and drug addiction offenses.  

46.  Codify a comprehensive, voluntary system of public election financing: so that candidates can successfully fund their own campaigns without anonymous corporate spending, bribes and intimidation from private contributors and political parties.

51:  Reform of prison systems - End incarceration for profit: The United States incarcerates more people than all leading nations combined. For-profit prisons create a demand for more prisoners to warehouse and inherently care not about rehabilitation or recidivism. 

The Federal prison system's largest source of funds are multinational communications and military defense corporations. Corporations such as Onstar, Comcast and ATT pay zero taxes while employing inmates for telecommunications jobs at 6 cents per hour. Unicor Corporation, another government company also pays zero taxes while employing thousands in its "cut and sew" factories making furniture for the government. It is also one of the military industrial complexes largest five vendors making Humvees and the Humvee engines. All the supervisors of these facilities are white collar crime convicts who are paid nothing. 

Let there be an Act based upon reverse tax incentives to encourage these above-mentioned prison corporations to place the teaching of job skills and rehabilitation ahead of profiteering on the backs of those who have fallen under the wheel.  

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