District 33 is his hometown


Dear Friends, 

Long before it was said that Congressman Waxman was asked to step down because it had become too expensive electing him in 2012, I've understood that this would be an important election. As this district goes, so goes California and often the nation. I had to jump in. 

We started this campaign only 21 days before the election. I had no name recognition, and no help at all from either side of the red and blue political machine; the purple gang as I like to call them. 

But you showed up and were eager to assist, and in that way we have all become winners, because the flicker of democracy burned brighter when we engaged to confront injustice. 

There weren't all so many of us on such short notice. That's why it was surprising to see a cross-section of the whole interracial and ideological makeup of this district, and we had young men and women, young Americans, who voted for the first time. 

Thank you for voting for me. It means a lot. It's an honor to represent you and your faith in our future. I'm looking forward to interacting with you again, and to being of your service.