48.   Regenerate America's discontinued Space Exploration Program: America's spaceflight program must be refunded and reinstated. While no doubt there has been a silent coup in may regards, with our legislators selling us down the river to international interests, the cutting back of government contracts and technology for America's space programs directly impacts our national security and interest. Today, if we wish to explore space we have to do it aboard a Russian ship powered by Russian made engines. America appears to have no present need for this kind of stultifying arrangement. I will work toward refunding the discontinued Space Program and its objectives according to its original charter. 

49.   Fund and build the California monorails: such as the "Blue line 80 monorail millennium project" down the north-south 405 freeway from Ventura to Long Beach and east-west in directions across L.A. County to connect our airports, tourist attractions and entertainment centers, in conjunction with incentives to encourage businesses and citizens to "park and ride". 

There have been many proposals for monorails over many years, but as with proposed improvements of the freeway system compromised by graft, contractor corruption, third world planning and scheduling, and the apathy of career politicians who see no direct gain for themselves, there has been little change to positively affect Los Angeles County's distinction for having the worst traffic in the nation. 

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