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32.  Education: Education is fundamental to democracy. Universal preschool paid for by tax revenue on those presently benefiting from tax ambiguities can assist in providing a level playing field for children with unequal opportunity for success. A college education ought to be affordable for everyone who applies the will to gain that education regardless of their economic situation. 

33.  Stop Predatory Student Loans: We have to make sure that the education of students comes instead of taking financial advantage of them. Interest rates on student loans should be no higher than interest rates given to the United States by the Federal Reserve. I propose to lower student interest rates and refinance existing student loan debt to the lower rates presently enjoyed by members of Congress and financial institutions. 

34.   Increase the salaries of California's educators: The education of America’s students is fundamental to the future. We must raise the quality of public service in education by raising salaries based upon higher standards of qualification. 

Higher salaries for educators can be raised upon completion of appropriate training and graduate school degree courses, without raising taxes, by again, eliminating tax ambiguities for the wealthy tax free aristocracies and initiating monetarily corresponding incentives to local schools, their educators, judges, police and other essential public servants. 

However, effective congressional oversight is necessary to make sure funds are appropriately administered where they are needed, instead of according to political favors, graft and incompetence, as is sadly the prevailing custom. 

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